Cherry Bomb Extreme

Cherry Bomb Extreme Muffler Review

Cherry Bomb, a company legendary for their glasspacks, is now a major producer of chambered mufflers, the most notable of which is the Cherry Bomb Extreme. This short cased, single chamber muffler resembles the size of Flowmaster's 10 series race muffler. It would be difficult, however, to confuse its bright red case with anything but a Cherry Bomb. The single chambered muffler uses Cherry Bombs signature "wing plate" design; a baffle that runs the diagonal length of the muffler and gives the exhaust its unique, distinguishable sound.

Muffler: Cherry Bomb Extreme, 2.5" single in/out
Part # as tested:
Cherry Bomb 7426
Price as tested: $59.95


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The idle note is noticeably quieter than any of the Flowmaster's we have reviewed, presenting a subtle yet pleasant rumble. The muffler produces an aggressive, raspy sounding exhaust note at mid-to-high throttle input, but remains relatively bubbly and calm while cruising. The in-cab volume of the Cherry Bomb Extreme is similar to that of the Flowmaster Super 44; subtle and only slightly noticeable. Maximum volume falls somewhere in between the Flowmaster Super 44 and 10 series - the 10 series producing a scream at WOT and the Super 44 being slightly less present than the Cherry Bomb. While the Cherry Bomb will not likely to persuade loyal Flowmaster fans from changing brands, this small muffler offers big sound and is sure to "Disturb the peace", just as Cherry Bomb promises.

Ford F-150 Cherry Bomb Extreme Exhaust Clip


The Cherry Bomb Extreme muffler is a great value with moderate sound levels; aggressive under high throttle inputs and a pleasant rumble during cruising and average acceleration. It is higher pitched (almost raspy) than many competitors mufflers and some may prefer a deeper tone, but the Cherry Bomb Extreme is a good all around performance muffler.





Overall Rating



• OEM exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, 2.5" exhaust tubing Y pipe

• 2.5" single in/out Cherry Bomb Extreme muffler

• 2.5" to 3" transition at muffler outlet

• 3" tubing to 4" tip, side exit in front of rear passenger tire


Great value, great sound, mild volume. The Cherry Bomb Extreme quickly became one of our favorite chambered mufflers and will be greatly considered on future vehicles. Much less expensive and just as satisfying as many competitors. We're slightly disappointed the signature red paint burned off so quickly, but this does not affect anything beyond appearance and we are talking about a muffler, after all.