Dynomax Race Bullet

Dynomax Bullet Muffler Review

The Dynomax Bullet is a popular choice for F-150 owners. The straight through race muffler is recommended for off-road use only, though we found it to be mellower in volume than many chambered street mufflers. The Dynomax Bullet provided a subtle, mellow idle note. Rolling into the throttle, a raspy, aggressive tone takes over above 2,500 rpm. Under heavy acceleration, the volume remains relatively low, while the sound is downright mean. Keep in mind that our exhaust is a single muffler system; with true duals, the volume would be significantly louder. We prefer a deeper, more prominent idle note, but there's no complaining about the distinct, straight pipe tone that this Dynomax produces.

Muffler: Dynomax Race Bullet, 2.5" single in/out
Part # as tested:
Dynomax 24215
Price as tested: $43.95

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We were advised to let this muffler "break in" before providing any criticism. After several hundred miles, it became apparent that the exhaust note had changed considerably. After the initial install, the muffler sounded lackluster, even unpleasurable at times. After breaking in, the sound quality began to shine through.

Since the Dynomax Race Bullet is a straight through muffler, a marginal amount of low end torque was sacrificed (it is, after all, designed for race use). Performance is improved over stock as the RPMs climb, but our fuel economy did suffer slightly. Small perforations on the inside of the pipe seem to provide some backpressure, but the driveability of this muffler is more reminiscent of a straight piped exhaust than a chambered muffler (we can only assume there is little scavenging effect). On the plus side, the muffler is compact, light weight, and available in stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

The Dynomax Bullet muffler delivered a strong, aggressive, race car sound at an amazing price. Though a deeper idle note would make the Bullet more appealing to some, this is a great product for those who are looking for a hot rod sound on a budget.

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Overall Rating



• OEM exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, 2.5" exhaust tubing Y pipe

• 2.5" single in/out Dynomax Bullet muffler

• 2.5" to 3" transition at muffler outlet

• 3" tubing to 4" tip, side exit in front of rear passenger tire


The Dynomax bullet receives high marks in terms of value, but we really prefer the overall experience we get from a chambered muffler. Had we not come to love the lopey idle of chambered muffler, the Dynomax would have sent our hearts racing. It just lacks that signature muscle car tone unless you really put your foot into it.