Flowmaster Super 44

Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler Review

Flowmaster is one of the largest names in the performance exhaust industry. The Flowmaster sound has earned a legendary reputation amongst car and truck enthusiasts of all realms. The Flowmaster Super 44 lives up to this reputation with its deep, noticeable idle note, and the exhaust tone grows increasingly aggressive as you roll into the throttle.

Muffler: Flowmaster Super 44 Series, 2.5" single in/out
Part # as tested:
Flowmaster 942545
Price as tested: $69.95


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At cruising speeds, the exhaust sound is noticeable, but not overbearing. The sound is very different than that of the long lived classic 40 series, which features a more "metallic" tone. The Super 44 is rated as Flowmaster's most aggressive sounding street legal muffler, and for good reason. Interior sound and resonance are minimal; just enough for passengers to appreciate. The idle note is deep, and the tone turns surprisingly aggressive under load.


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Overall Rating



• OEM exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, 2.5" exhaust tubing Y pipe

• 2.5" single in/out Flowmaster Super 44 muffler

• 2.5" to 3" transition at muffler outlet

• 3" tubing to 4" tip, side exit in front of rear passenger tire


Quieter and slightly less exciting than the Flowmaster 10 Series race muffler, the Super 44 delivers that signature Flowmaster sound. The muscle car tone and lopey idle are absolutely perfect, we just want to hear more of it. To be fair, the Super 44 is advertised as street legal, while we're comparing it to a bare-bones race muffler.