AFE Power Air Intake, Ford F-150

AFE Air Intake System for the 4.6L, 5.4L Powered Ford F-150

Advanced Flow Engineering, known simply as aFe, is a popular manufacturer of air intake systems, particularly in the diesel segment. AFE's air intake system for the 4.6L and 5.4L Ford F-150 earns top remarks in design, fit and finish, performance, and appearance.

Product: aFe Power Magnum FORCE Stage 2 Cold Air Intake System
Part # as tested: aFe Power 51-10082
Price as tested: $260.07
Manufacturer claims: 12 hp, 13 lb-ft gains, up to 46% greater airflow than factory air box
Overall Rating:


Disclaimer - This review is subjective in nature and includes the opinions of the author. All results may vary considerably by application. This product was acquired at retail value and this is not a paid endorsement of the product(s) featured herein; no compensation was received for the publishing of this article.

After testing many different air intake systems on the market, it has become apparent that total or peak performance improvements are not necessarily distinguishable between brands. Therefore, it would unfair and entirely inaccurate to suggest that one product produces more horsepower and torque than their competitor without a dynamometer - after all, we're speaking of single digit horsepower differences between brands.

What is highly apparent is how each individual product affects how and where in the powerband horsepower and torque is increased, and this characteristic is diverse enough between certain brands that it is notably distinguishable. On that note, aFe's intake system produced notable improvements over a broad RPM range, favoring neither the low end nor high end of the operating range. The horsepower and torque curves provided by aFe substantiate these claims:

aFe cold air intake horsepower and torque chart


A 1 to 2 mpg improvement over stock was recorded on lengthy highway trips, which aligns with our findings from intake systems from other manufacturers.

The aFe intake really shines in the fit, finish, and quality department. Installation was a breeze and all the parts fit under the hood exactly as intended. The quality of the components, including the intake boots and clamps, is top notch. Aesthetically, the system looks clean and complete with its functional heat shroud, which promotes drawing cool air from the front of the vehicle and driver side fender well instead of breathing the hot air surrounding the engine.

One of this system's greatest attributes is its dry, non-oiled air filter. The filter is reusable and cleaned in the same fashion as oiled filters commonly are (soap, water, dry) but require no oil. In our experience, oiled air filters are giant dust traps that require frequent maintenance to maintain performance and fuel economy. We've found that the aFe dry filter is both easier to clean and requires less frequent cleaning, likely do to the fact that the filter collects dust just as effectively (or more so) but does not "gum up" like oiled filters. We've since installed aFe dry filters on a number of additional applications and have had the same experience.


• High quality components all around

• Noticeable performance improvements over the entire RPM range

• Heat shield aids in isolating filter from hot, underhood air

• Dry filter is cleanable and reusable without the mess or burden of oiled filters

• Improved fuel mileage, crisp throttle response

• Aesthetically pleasing


• Technically, lower power and torque to some competitors by significant margin


Little to no shortcomings, very satisfied with this product.