Ford 4R70W transmission with pan removed

Ford 4R70W, 4R70E Transmission Specs & Ratios

Information for the Ford 4R70W and later 4R70E four speed automatic transmissions found in various Ford cars and trucks from 1993 to 2005 model years.

Ford 4R75W transmission

Ford 4R75W, 4R75E Transmission Specs & Ratios

Specs, ratios, and information for the Ford 4R75W and later 4R75E four speed automatic transmissions found in Ford F-150 trucks from 2003 to 2005.

Ford 4R100 transmission

Ford 4R100 4 Speed Automatic Transmission

Ford 4R100 four speed automatic transmission information. The 4R100 was used in such applications as the Ford SVT Lightning and Ford Super Duty.

T-18 manual transmission

BorgWarner T-18 Manual Transmission Specs & Ratios

Information on the venerable BorgWarner T-18 four speed manual transmission, including complete specs and gear ratios.

NP435 transmission

New Process NP435 Manual Transmission Specs & Ratios

New Process NP435 transmission information. The NP435 is found in various F-Series trucks beginning in 1966.

Ford E4OD transmission

Ford E4OD Automatic Transmission Specs & Ratios

Ford E4OD transmission information. The E4OD platform was used as the basis for many future transmissions found in the Ford F-150.

Tremec SROD transmission

Tremec T170 Series Manual Transmissions - TOD, SROD, SMOD

Overview of the Tremec T170 manual transmission found in various Ford F-150 year trucks, including the SMOD, SROD, and TOD variations.