Dana 300

Dana 300 Transfer Case Specs & Information

The Dana 300 transfer case is representative of the evolution of both the Dana 18 and Dana 20. It's helical cut gears proved significantly quieter than its predecessor's straight cut gear system, especially during low range operation. The Dana 300 has earned a top spot on the list of "bulletproof", trail worthy transfer cases. While it was used in light duty Jeeps, it is sufficiently stout enough for fullsize pickups. It's Achilles heel is the rear output shaft, but the concern is alleviated by the installation of an upgraded, aftermarket shaft.

The Dana Spicer model 300 transfer case is praised as on the most reputable and reliable cases due to it's strength and dependability. It uses helical cut gears, as opposed to spur cut, which quiets its operation, particularly when using low range. The aftermarket offers up to a 4.00 : 1 low range upgrade and twin stick conversion kits that allow for independent operation of the front and rear axles. It's weak link is the rear output shaft, which can shear under the intense stresses rigs see on the trail. The answer is an aftermarket 32 spline output shaft upgrade, which virtually eliminates these concerns; failures of other types are highly uncommon for the Dana 300. The early Dana 300 transfer cases are 10 1/2 inches long, while the later models measured roughly 11 5/8 inches. The transfer case is married in all applications and is always clocked 23 degrees to the drivers side. They are easily identifiable by the common casting numbers "C300-19-2" cast into the iron housing.


Dana 300 Specs




Part time, gear drive


1980 - 1986 Jeep, 1980 model year International Harvester pickups

Case Material:

Cast iron

Shift Type:

Manual shift




High Range:

1.00 : 1

Low Range:

2.62 : 1

Input Splines:

23 spline

Output Splines:

26 spline

Pass/Driver Drop:

Driver side drop


~ 85 lbs


1310 front and rear yokes, fixed

Fluid Type*:

OEM fluid requirements varied, 80w-90 gear oil is typical.

Fluid Capacity:

3.25 pints (1.625 quarts)

*Required fluid type and fluid capacity may vary with application and model year - refer to vehicle's owner manual.