Toyota 7.5" & 8" Differential

Toyota 7.5", 8" Axle Specs & Information

The Toyota 7.5" and 8" differentials (referring to their respective ring gear diameters) are light duty, semi floating axles used in various Toyota pickup and 4Runner applications. As a result of their various applications and the evolution of the differentials, both axles are available in a variety of configurations. Interchangeability can be problematic, so it's important to identify which axle you have when seeking parts.

Toyota 7.5" Differential

Early Model

The early Toyota 7.5 inch differential was used in 1986 to 1995 pickups (and the 1993 - 1998 T100) as a front differential with independent front suspension. It replaced the 8", which was a solid front axle, when Toyota transitioned to IFS. Some 2wd pickups also used a 7.5 inch as a rear differential. The early version had 27 spline axles, passenger side drop, and a low pinion. In most cases, the front and rear axles utilized the same "guts", but with different housings. However, some rear limited slip differentials will not fit in the front differential housing due to clearance issues with the front axle retaining clips. In such instances, minor machining is required to obtain the proper clearance.

Late Model

The late model 7.5 inch differential was used on the 1995 - 2003 Tacoma, 2000 - 2004 Tundra, and 1996 - 2002 4Runner. It used the same carrier as the early version, but featured a high pinion, 27 spline axles, and a driver side drop with reverse cut gears. This design is not interchangeable with the early version, although all limited slip units and lockers will fit both early and late models. The late model's housing is a modular "clamshell" type.

Toyota 7.5 Specs

Common Applications:

1986 - 2005 Toyota pickups and 4Runner (see breakdown above)

Full/Semi Float:

Semi floating, front and rear (front more common)

Ring Gear:


Axle Spline Count:

27 spline


1.3785", 23 spline


10 bolt case


Toyota 8" Differential

The fact that Toyota has used the 8 inch axle extensively in their pickups since 1979 should not imply that the basic design did not change. In fact, things can get a bit confusing considering that there is an early model, late model, 4 cylinder version, V-6/turbocharged version, a version exclusive to the newer Tacoma/Tundra/T100, and a number of exceptions along the way. Fortunately, we've broken it down so you can properly identify the axle in question. The Toyota 8 inch axle uses a removable third member such that carriers are interchangeable, reducing the difficulty of gear swaps or the installation of limited slip differentials and lockers.

Early Style 8"

The early style 8 inch differential is found in pickups model year 1985 and older, prior to Toyota's adoption of independent front suspension (IFS). If you have a Toyota pickup that has a factory front solid axle, then it most definitely has an early style 8 inch rear differential. This early style setup was 55 inches from flange to flange and had 65 mm diameter axle tubes (~2.56 inch). The early style 3rd members (carrier assembly) is interchangeable with the late style 3rd member.

Late Style 8"

The late style 8 inch differential was introduced for the 1986 model year, as Toyota's move toward IFS required that the axle width be increased to match that of the front. Therefore, the late model axle housings are 58 inches wide and have a larger 80 mm (~3.15 inch) axle tubes. In addition, this unit also received larger rear drum brakes.

4 Cylinder 8" Differential

The "4 cylinder" 8 inch differential is the standard and most common unit found. As a rear axle, it was used in 1979 to 1995 Toyota pickups and 4Runners, and as a solid front axle in 1979 - 1985 model years with a 4 cylinder engine. The carrier is a 2 pinion design, but the stronger 4 pinion carrier can be used from the V-6 differential with the correct bearings. -

V-6/Turbo 8" Differential

All turbocharged 4 cylinder and most V-6 powered pickups and 4Runners received this rear axle instead of the smaller, standard version. It was used for 1986 -1995 pickups and 4Runners and all 1996+ model 4Runners. It featured a stronger 4 pinion carrier design that is completely interchangeable with the 4 cylinder axle housing, so long as the correct bearings are used during the swap.

Tundra, Tacoma, T100 8" Differential

The 2000 - 2006 Tundra, all T100 pickups, 4x4 Tacoma without an electronic locking differential, and all 4x2 Tacoma pickups with a V-6 engine used a different style of the 8" rear differential that is not compatible with the earlier models. It is perceivably much stronger than other versions, using larger pinion bearings and a 4 pinion carrier. It also has 30 spline axles and a 30 spline pinion gear.

Toyota 8" IFS

The 8" was also used as a front axle for newer models. The 2003+ 4Runner, 2004+ Tacoma, and 2005 - 2007 Tundra models all used the 8" differential with an independent front suspension. It has a passenger side drop and the pinion is mid-mounted. Due to the unique mid-mounted pinion, parts are more difficult to come by for this setup and relatively uncommon. This differential also uses a modular differential housing, which some refer to as a "clamshell" housing. The 1990 - 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser received a stronger, more desirable version of this differential which has a driver side drop, and more robust reverse cut gears.


Toyota 8" Axle Specs

Common Applications:

1979 - Current Toyota 4Runner, Sequoia, and Pickups (see complete break down above)

Full/Semi Float:

Semi floating, front and rear

Overall Width:

• Front: 55.5" (early), 58.25" (late)
• Rear: 55" (early), 58" (late)

Ring Gear:


Axle Spline Count:

30 spline

Axle Shaft Diameter:


Axle Tube Diameter:

65 mm (early), 80 mm (late)

Pinion Splines:

27, 30


3.42 - 4.88 : 1

Carrier Break:

- 3.73 | 3.91 +

Fluid Type:

SAE 75w-90 front, SAE 80w-90 rear


The 4 cylinder and V-6/Turbocharged version of the 8 inch differential can be distinguished based on the number of ribs in the 3rd member casting. The 4 cylinder version had 3 ribs on each side of the pinion, while the turbo/V-6 version had 4. Both have a dome shaped housing.