Ford F-150 Performance Muffler Review

F-150 Performance Muffler Sound Comparison & Product Reviews

Whether you're looking for loud and aggressive, tame and mellow, or somewhere inbetween, there's a performance muffler in our test for you. We evaluated the mufflers below based on tone, volume, and interior resonance. Additionally, we're expanding our test for 2019, so look for new product tests and the addition of sound clips this Summer.

Disclaimer - This review is subjective in nature and includes the opinions of the author(s). All results and experiences may vary considerably by application. This is NOT a paid endorsement of any of the products featured herein and no compensation was received for the publishing of this article; all products acquired at retail value through authorized retail outlets.

Test Vehicle & Parameters


2002 Ford F-150 SuperCab

Drive Type:

4 wheel drive



Differential Ratio:

3.55 : 1


Custom side exit exhaust system (single inlet, single exit, 4" tip)
Edge Evolution CS (transmission programming only)
Cold air intake system

Product Overviews, As Tested


Part Number as Tested

Price as Tested



Flowmaster Super 44



Steel, painted

Baffled, 3 chamber muffler, 2.5" SI/SO

Cherry Bomb Extreme



Steel, painted

Baffled, single chamber muffler, unique "wing plate" design, 2.5" SI/SO

Magnaflow Oval Body



Stainless steel, polished

Straight flow muffler, 2.5" SI/SO

Flowmaster 10 Series



Steel, painted

Baffled, single chambered muffler, 2.5" SI/SO

Dynomax Race Bullet



Steel, coated

Straight flow muffler, 2.5" SI/SO

Summary of Results




Interior Resonance


Flowmaster Super 44

Deep, bubbly idle.
Aggressive during acceleration.

Noticeable, but reasonable and not overbearing.

Minimal; fairly tame from inside the cab.

What it lacks in volume it more than compensates for with its rich, muscle car tone.

Cherry Bomb Extreme

Mild, bubbly idle notes.
Aggressive and raspy during acceleration.

Mild volume at idle, much more appreciable at mid to high RPMs.

Subtle and tame from inside the cab.

Pleasant rumble, beautifully aggressive under load. A great value overall.


Light idle note.
Aggressive and raspy during acceleration.

Relatively quiet.

Extremely quiet.

Not overly aggressive. We were looking for more, but this would be a great option for those that prefer a quieter system. Bonus - it's stainless.

Flowmaster 10 Series

Deep, bubbly idle.
Extremely aggressive notes during acceleration.

Moderate at idle, fairly loud during acceleration.

Noticeable exhaust noise at cruising speeds.

2nd best tone and loudest muffler tested. Beautiful aggressive note under acceleration, deep idle only second to the Super 44.

Dynomax Race Bullet

Light to mild idle note.
Very aggressive, raspy on acceleration.

Relatively quiet at idle, very noticeable during acceleration.

Very quiet at cruising speeds.

Compact, light weight, very reasonable price, great value.

Product Specific Ratings & Remarks

Flowmaster 10 Series

Easily the best combination of tone and volume, however this muffler may actually be too loud for some drivers; onlookers will hear it from several city blocks away, and you and your passengers will have difficulty escaping the rumble inside the cabin. While it's not too terribly loud, this muffler should be reserved for those that will appreciate the noticeable rumble as they drive along. It's definitely categorized as a race muffler for a reason.

Editor's choice for most likely to be pulled over; in all seriousness, best combination of tone and volume.

Cherry Bomb Extreme

The idle note is noticeably quieter than any of the Flowmaster's we have reviewed, presenting a subtle yet pleasantly rich rumble. The muffler produces an aggressive, raspy exhaust note at mid-to-high throttle inputs, but remains relatively bubbly and calm while cruising. The in-cab volume of the Cherry Bomb Extreme is similar to that of the Flowmaster Super 44; subtle and only slightly noticeable. Maximum volume falls somewhere in between the Flowmaster Super 44 and 10 series - the 10 series producing a scream at WOT and the Super 44 being slightly less present than the Cherry Bomb. This small muffler offers big sound and is sure to "Disturb the peace", just as Cherry Bomb promises. As the underdog of our test, the sound quality of this product was a pleasant surprise.

Editor's choice for best all around muffler; amazing tone and practical volume at a fair price. This muffler is by no means "quiet", but it's volume is reasonable inside and out.

Flowmaster Super 44

The Flowmaster Super 44 offers classic tone with a modern twist. It features a deep, bubbly idle note and an extremely aggressive, intimidating bellow under heavy throttle levels. The exterior volume is reasonable, and the interior resonance entirely manageable. This muffler falls between the Cherry Bomb Extreme and Flowmaster 10 series with regard to volume, but surpasses both in the richness of the exhaust note.

Editor's choice for richest tone and deepest idle note; 100% muscle car sound.

Magnaflow Oval Body

While the Magnaflow was clearly a quality product, it lacked in sound quality; there's really nothing prominent about the exhaust note, just a subtle, light rasp at higher revs. The idle note was soft and largely unrecognizable, but the unit was reasonably priced for being produced of stainless steel. If you're in the market for something quiet but desire a step above factory volume and tone, this would suit you well; just don't expect it to sound like a day at the drag strip. This muffler needs to be "broken in", thus the true sound characteristics will develop after driving for several hundred to a few thousand miles.

Dynomax Race Bullet

The Dynomax race bullet is the most inexpensive and simplest muffler we tested. Arguably designed for race applications, it's actually quite tame at idle but offers a very aggressive, raspy exhaust note at higher revs and throttle inputs. Interior resonance is minimal and only slightly higher than the MagnaFlow. Unfortunately, this muffler lacks a deep, rich idle note, and it can only be appreciated when the pedal hits the floorboard and the engine approaches its redline. Overall, however, a good value; would recommend in a true dual exhaust setup.