New Process NP208

NP208 Transfer Case Specs & Information

The NP208 is an honest, lightweight, chain driven transfer case. While it's not at the top of our list for most desirable transfer cases, its perfectly adequate for everyday use and, save for the slip yoke on the output shaft, there's nothing inherently wrong with it. It was used in a variety of applications through the 1980s, including Jeep, General Motors, Dodge, and Ford pickups.

The New Process 208 (NP208) transfer case is a cast aluminum, chain driven unit that was used in many Jeep, Ford, GM, and Dodge vehicles. The NP208 was common in the GMC/Chevrolet K10, K20, and Suburban mated to the TH350, TH400, and TH700R4 automatic transmissions. The TH400 had a stronger 32 spline input, while the TH350 and 700R4 used a 27 spline input shaft. Jeep used the transfer case for the 1980 - 1988 J10/J20, 1980 - 83 Cherokee, and 1984 - 1988 Wagoneer, advertised as the "Command-Trac" transfer case. Jeep versions have a different case and internals than the Dodge, Ford, and GM NP208. The NP208 uses a planetary gear reduction for low range and direct drive for high range. At approximately 18 inches in length, its a relatively large transfer case.

The primary concern with the NP208 is the output shaft slip yoke found on most applications. For everyday driving and ordinary four wheel drive use, the slip yoke tends not to be an issue. For vehicles that see more aggressive off-road use, high degrees of flex or articulation, and lifted vehicles (especially with short wheelbases), the slip yoke can quickly become the Achilles heel of the drivetrain system and limit capability. In addition to driveshaft vibration concerns, the slip yoke can easily leave a rig stranded in the event of a u joint or driveshaft failure. Ordinarily, the vehicle would be able to be limped home by removing the rear driveshaft and relying only on the front axle. With the driveshaft removed, the NP208 slip yoke will not stay put and the transfer case will lose its entire oil supply. With no lubrication, you're unlikely to make it far. Fortunately, there are several slip yoke eliminator kits on the market which will convert the transfer case to a fixed yoke and eliminate these concerns.


NP208 Specs


New Process Gear


Part time, chain drive


• 1981 - 1986 GMC/Chevrolet K10/K20/K30 & Suburban
• 1980 - 1988 Jeep J10 pickups
• 1980 - 1983 Jeep Cherokee
• 1984 - 1988 Jeep Wagoneer
• 1982 - 1987 Dodge D Series
• 1980 - 1986 Ford F-250, F-350, & Bronco

Case Material:

Cast aluminum

Shift Type:





High Range:

1.00 : 1

Low Range:

2.61 : 1

Input Splines:

23, 27, 31, or 32


1310, 1330, fixed & slip yokes


~ 80 lbs (dry)

Fluid Type*:

ATF - do NOT use gear oil

*Required fluid type and fluid capacity may vary with application and model year - refer to vehicle's owner manual.