Ford 4R75W, 4R75E Automatic Transmission

4R75W, 4R75E Transmission Specs & Ratios

The Ford 4R70W/E and 4R75W/E transmissions are largely similar in design, however the 4R75 features many revisions and improvements that include a strengthened ring gear, revised fluid pump, and a stronger torque converter. The transmission was introduced for the 2003 model year as a stronger alternative to the 4R70, and as such the lighter duty transmission is typical found in 4.6L V-8 engines while the larger 5.4L V-8 is found with the 4R75 exclusively beginning in the 2004 model year. The 4R75W and 4R75E transmissions are identical, save for an electronic speed sensor located on the turbine shaft of the later unit. The 4R75W and 4R75E transmissions feature a sealed case and are considered a maintenance free, "filled for life" system.

The transmission ratios of the 4R75W/E, like many aspects, are identical to that of the 4R70W/E. While the two transmission were offered simultaneously from 2003 to 2005, the 4R70E was retired in all U.S. applications following the 2005 model year. Usage of the 4R75E continued through the 2008 model year, but the transmission did not return for 2009 and the six speed 6R80 took its place in the F-150's lineup. The "E" models of the transmission employ a more sophisticated, "smarter" shift schedule as a result of greater integration between the transmission's sensors and the engine's vehicle's PCM.


Ford 4R75W, 4R75E Gear Ratios






2.84 : 1

1.55 : 1

1.00 : 1

0.70 : 1

2.23 : 1


Ford 4R75W, 4R75E Transmission Specs


Ford 4R75W & 4R75E


4 speed overdrive automatic transmission


Ford 4R70W


2003 - 2008 Ford F-Series, 5.4L V-8 exclusively for 2004 and 2005 model years

Case Material:


Max Input Torque:

~ 553 lb-ft (750 N-m)

ATF Type/Spec:

MERCON V ATF (Motorcraft XT-5-QMC)

Transmission Filter:

Motorcraft FT105

Service Intervals:

Sealed case, maintenance free system


• "Filled for life" system, Ford suggests that this transmission does not require routine service other than periodic fluid level checks

• Similar to the 4R70W/E transmissions, but with a greater torque capacity

• The transmissions first application was select sub-models of the 2003 MY Ford Mustang


4 forward gears


Rear wheel drive applications


750 N-m max input torque rating


Wide ratio/electronically controlled