Ford E4OD Automatic Transmission

E4OD Transmission Specs, Ratios, & Info

The E4OD transmission was introduced in 1989 and used in the Ford F series until 1998. Additionally, it was used in the 97-98 Ford Expedition, 90-96 Ford Bronco, and 89-98 Ford E series. The E4OD is based on the original C6 design with the addition of computer controls, an overdrive gear, and other minor changes. Many of the components from a E4OD, including the planetary gear sets, are interchangeable with the C6. Like the C6, the E4OD is recognized for its strength and reliability. As a result of widespread aftermarket support, the E4OD can be built to handle a tremendous amount of power. It was replaced by the 4R100, which shares many similarities to the E4OD but was designed to keep up with the growing demand of the Power Stroke diesel's torque. E4OD transmissions found behind the 5.8L (351W) and 7.5L (460 cid) V-8s are significantly stronger than 4.9L I-6 (300 cid) and 5.0L V-8 (302 cid) engines as a result of an additional clutch element in the forward and direct clutch assemblies.

E4OD Transmission Gear Ratios






2.71 : 1

1.54 : 1

1.00 : 1

0.71 : 1

2.18 : 1


Ford E4OD Transmission Specs


Ford E4OD


4 speed automatic


1989 - 1998 Ford F-Series
1993 - 1995 Ford SVT Lightning
1997 - 1998 Ford Expedition
1990 - 1996 Ford Bronco
1989 - 1998 Ford E-Series

Case Material:



~ 270 lbs dry w/ converter

ATF Type/Spec:

MERCON V ATF (Motorcraft XT-5-QMC)

(MERCON V replaces the now defunct MERCON ATF)

Transmission Filter:

Ford YC3Z-7A098-BA


• Relatively high fluid capacity at approximately 18 quarts (varies slightly relative to application)

• Based on the design of the venerable heavy duty C6 transmission

• The E4OD experienced a wide range of applications in Ford trucks and Broncos, including the 7.3L Power Stroke diesel until the 1999 model year


Electronically controlled


Four forward gears


Overdrive transmission