BorgWarner BW1356

BW1356 Transfer Case Specs & Information

The BorgWarner BW1356 (BW 13-56, alternatively) is a heavy duty, chain driven, part time transfer case found in various Ford F-Series pickups and Broncos from 1987 through 1997. The two piece, magnesium case is visually similar to the BW1345, although careful examination of the ribs cast into the case can help distinguish the two. The transfer case has an internal oil pump which lubricates the bearings during operation. As the pump is designed for ATF, it is important to use the correct fluid and avoid using heavier gear oils, which may reduce the transfer case's life and lead to premature failure.

The BW1356 replaced the BW1345 in the Ford Bronco and F-Series pickup line. It's a heavy duty, part time, chain driven transfer case available in either mechanical or electronic shift versions. The mechanical shift pattern is, from front to rear, 2H, 4H, N, 4L. The electronic shift version utilizes a worm gear driven mechanism. The BW1356's applications include the 7.3L Power Stroke diesel, paying homage to the unit's strength as the turbodiesel produces significantly more torque than any of Ford's gas engines. It has a cast magnesium case, which, like the BW1345, is comprised of two separate casting that are bolted down the middle latitudinally. The BW1356 requires MERCON ATF (or similarly spec'd automatic transmission fluid) for lubrication. In differentiating the BW1356 from the BW1345, the 1345 has many more ribs integrated into the casting should the ID tag be missing from the case.


BW1356 Specs




Part time, chain drive


1987 - 1997 Ford F-Series (F-150/250/350) and Bronco

Case Material:

Magnesium, two piece

Shift Type:

Manual and electric shift versions produced




High Range:

1.00 : 1

Low Range:

2.69 : 1

Input Splines:

31 spline

Output Splines:

31 spline

Pass/Driver Drop:

Driver side drop


~110 lbs

Fluid Type:


Fluid Capacity:

2 quarts capacity


Metal tag stamped with "1356" located on transfer case, typically on the backside. Magnesium, ribbed, two piece transfer case (two part casting bolted together in the center).