Ford F-150 'NF-155'

No Fear Edition Ford F-150

The No Fear NF-155 was a rare F-150 pickup model that appeared at the 2002 SEMA Show. Upfitter Roll-a-Long (whom has since gone out of business) and sportswear manufacturer No Fear collaborated on the NF-155, a customized Ford F-150 that featured a Baja inspired stance and a number of aftermarket accessories. The "155" in NF-155 refers to the 155 units that were commissioned by No Fear and modified by Roll-a-Long. The NF-155 has been referred to as the "No Fear" Edition Ford F-150. The trucks were all 2002 and 2003 model year Ford F-150s.

Although 155 trucks were "officially" commissioned, the actual number of NF-155 pickups upfitted is rumored to be closer to 200. The trucks were all identical SuperCrew models featuring the following equipment:

Baja inspired flared fiberglass fenders

305/70R16 BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires

16" bead lock style rims (nonfunctional)

Unique grille and push bar with off-road lights

Aftermarket front skid plate

Aluminum fuel door

Leather seats with embroidered "No Fear" logo

White face gauges/instrument cluster with "No Fear" logo

Surprisingly, the NF-155 does not feature a lift kit or custom suspension, its an entirely stock F-150 undercarriage. Tucking the 35" tall tires is made possible as a result of the custom fenders. The NF-155 was, in essence, a commemorative package drafted by No Fear, who recruited Roll-a-Long to perform the modifications. Other than the fact that the NF-155 is not technically a production vehicle, its reminiscent of the modern Raptor, as the NF-155 pulls its aesthetic cues from a similar sources of inspiration. The NF-155 is not generally considered a performance package as the majority of the truck's modifications are relatively simple aesthetic alterations. While Ford Motor Company's role in the production of the NF-155 is largely unknown, the trucks were sold through select Ford dealerships.

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