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Flowmaster 10 Series

Flowmaster 10 Series Performance Muffler Review





Flowmaster 10 Series Review

The Flowmaster 10 series performance muffler is designed for race applications where straight exhaust systems are prohibited. The small, single chamber muffler may not be street legal in some applications. Upon replacing our Super 44 with the 10 series, we noticed a significant change in tone with the first start up.The idle is deep, but surprisingly mellow. Under acceleration, the 10 series is significantly louder, deeper, and more aggressive sounding than the Super 44 it replaced. Nothing smooth about the note of this muffler; it made our truck sound down right mean. At cruising speeds, the muffler is tame but noticeable louder than a multi-chambered muffler. You'll hear the deep exhaust note in the cab, but we did not experience any drone or unpleasant resonance. The single chamber 10 series provided a slight increase in performance over the larger multi-chamber mufflers we have tested, likely due to increased exhaust scavenging. The engine has more pep coming off idle, and slight torque increases are present at all engine speeds. Compared to stock, the muffler provides a significant boost in acceleration and pulling power. The price tag is slighly lower than most of Flowmaster's dual and triple chamber mufflers, and its small size makes mounting it a breeze. If you're interested in something mellow and bubbly, then this muffler is likely not for you. But if you want something deep and aggressive...Flowmaster 10 Series.


One of our personal favorites, the Flowmaster 10 Series is affordable, aggressive, deep, loud, and produces an exceptionally pleasing exhaust tone at any level of throttle input. The muffler is not for the faint of heart, as it can be clearly heard in the cab. It's also intended for off-road use only, but keep your foot out of it and you shouldn't attract any unwanted attention from the law. The Flowmaster 10 series receives 5 stars because it is everything we want in a performance muffler.


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Flowmaster 10 Series Muffler

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Yes - best volume of the mufflers we tested with an extremely aggressive sound.