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F-150 Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance/Repair Guides




Quality Replacement Parts

When it comes to replacement parts, no one knows your engine like the engineers who designed it. For this reason, only choose replacement parts that meet or exceed Ford's recommendations. highly recommends using Motorcraft brand genuine Ford parts when repairing/maintaining your F150.


Service Intervals

Factory recommended service intervals can always be found in the owner's manual that came with your truck. Follow these recommendations strictly to ensure long engine life and carefree operation. Never exceed the factory service intervals; always adhere to Ford's requirements for your truck.


Auto Repair Safety

Working on your F-150 can be dangerous. Practice common sense safety when performing any service or repair operation. If something does not appear safe, it probably is not. When working on a raised vehicle, always use jack stands; do not truck a hydraulic jack to keep your vehicle raised while you beneath it or in harms way. Jacks can fail and serious injury may result. Additionally, keep your hands away from the fan/pulley assembly when diagnosing a running truck. Don't forget that you will come in contact with a variety of petroleum based oils and solvents when working on a vehicle. These are all known cancer causing agents and contact with them should be minimal. Wash your hands thoroughly and consider wearing latex gloves to eliminate contact.


Disclaimer: will not be held accountable/liable for any vehicle damage or personal injury that occur from re-enacting the tutorials found herein. The maintenance/repair tutorials found at are meant for entertainment purposes only - perform these procedures at your own risk. makes no claim to be experts or certified mechanics.