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Dana 80 differential

Axle/Transmission Ratio Comparison Tool

Instantly compare the effects of various transmission and axle ratios on engine RPM. The tool is particularly useful to identify the ideal ratios in transmission and/or axle ratio swaps as well as offsetting the effects of larger tires following the installation of a lift kit.

Ford SVT Raptor

Crawl Ratio Calculator

Vehicle crawl ratio calculator with common transmission and transfer case ratio charts.

rear differential

Differential Types Explained - Spool, Locker, Open, Limited Slip

Examine the differences between types of differentials, including the open diff, selectable lockers, automatic lockers, limited slip, and spools.

Transfer case graphic

Gear Driven vs Chain Driven Transfer Case

Take a look at the differences between the time proven gear drive transfer case and the lightweight, versatile chain drive transfer case.

Ford E4OD automatic transmission

Ford F-Series Transmission Ratio Chart

Gear ratios for common fullsize Ford truck automatic and manual transmissions.



Ford EATC solenoid plunger

Ford EATC Defrost Only Fix, Solenoid O-ring Replacement

If you own a Ford car or truck with an EATC climate control unit that is only blowing out of the defrost vent, there's a relatively simple, albeit labor intensive repair.


Dana 50 TTB front axle

Dana 44 Twin-Traction Beam (TTB) Information

Dana 44 tech and specs, including information on the controversial twin-traction beam version of the axle.