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1st Gen SVT F150 Lightning

1993-1995 Lightning History & Specs





The 1st generation Ford F150 SVT Lightning was designed to go head-to-head with several performance based GM vehicles (primarily the GMC Syclone and Chevrolet 454 SS). Ford's marketing team also saw this as a great opportunity to broaden the image of the Ford F150, potentially increasing the truck's appeal to buyers interested in more "sporty" concepts. SVT engineers set out to design a vehicle that combined performance and capability - a truck with mustang like performance and the capability that F-series were known for. A slightly modified 351 Windsor V-8 was chosen to power the 1st Gen Lightning, which was produced in the USA from 1993 to 1995. While only 11,563 Lightings were produced during this period, Ford's message was heard loud and clear.


1st Gen Lightning Specs


1st Generation Ford SVT F150 Lightning


2wd, regular cab, fleetside bed.

Years Produced:


Production Location:

Trucks built at Ford's Michigan Truck Plant in Wayne, Michigan.


351W V-8 with GT-40 heads and hypereutectic pistons.


• 240 hp @ 4,200 rpm


• 340 lb-ft @ 3,200 rpm


• 0 - 60 in 7.6 seconds, 110 mph top speed.


E40D 4 speed automatic


Ford 8.8" solid rear axle with 4.10 : 1 ratio & limited slip differential.

Front Suspension:

Twin I Beam with coil springs, Monroe Formula GP shocks, and a 1.0" stabilizer bar. Truck lowered 1.0" in front.

Rear Suspension:

Solid rear axle with leaf springs, Monroe Formula GP shocks, and a 1.0" stabilizer bar. Truck lowered 2.5" in rear.


17" cast aluminum 5 spoke wheels. Firestone Firehawk GTA tires, size P275/60HT-70.


• ABS disc brakes with 11.72" rotors.
• ABS drum brakes with 11.03" x 2.25" drums.


Lightning 351W Engine Specs

Engine Configuration:

90 degree V-8


5.8L, 351 cubic inches.

Bore x Stroke:

4.0" bore x 3.5" stroke

Compression Ratio:

8.8 : 1


Naturally aspirated, custom Lightning tubular intake manifold, 1 x 65mm throttle body.


True dual exhaust, stainless steel tubular exhaust headers.

Cylinder Heads:

GT-40 high flow cast iron cylinder heads.
• 1.84" intake valve
• 1.54" exhaust valve


240 hp @ 4,200 rpm


340 lb-ft @ 3,200 rpm


1st Gen Lightning Productions Numbers


5,276 produced.
• 2,691 Black
• 2,585 Red


4,007 produced.
• 1,382 Black
• 1.165 Red
• 1,460 White


2,280 produced.
• 824 Black
• 695 Red
• 761 White


F150 Lightning Facts

• While 240 horsepower doesn't seem like much (considering the 2nd Gen Lightning made 380 hp), the Chevy 454 SS only made 230 horsepower with a much larger engine.
• The Lightning's tall 4.10 axle ratio helped improve acceleration and throttle response.
• While they share displacement, the 351W (Windsor) and 351C (Cleveland) are very different engines. The Cleveland is known for being a high rpm screamer, while the Windsor provides much more torque at lower engine speeds.
• The 1st Gen Lightning maintained most of the capabilities of your standard F150 while providing excellent handling and acceleration.
• The 1993 Lightning was only offered in black or red, while the 94/95 Lightnings were offered in black, red, or white.
• Lightning badges and accents spread throughout the truck, from the exterior to the engine bay, make identification easy.