Magnaflow Stainless Steel Muffler

Magnaflow Performance Exhaust Reviews

Magnaflow is arguably one of the most popular exhaust brands in the marketplace, with endorsements from such names as Mario Andretti, Chip Foose, and even the Grave Digger monster truck team. Magnaflow claims its products are quality built, will improve sound quality, and will increase performance. We found that the Magnaflow muffler tested was indeed a quality product, the sound was improved over stock, and performance was increased over stock.

Muffler: Magnaflow stainless steel, 2.5" single in/out
Part # as tested:
Magnaflow 11216
Price as tested: $79.70

Disclaimer - This review is subjective in nature and includes the opinions of the author. All results may vary considerably by application. This product was acquired at retail value and this is not a paid endorsement of the product(s) featured herein; no compensation was received for the publishing of this article.

The Magnaflow muffler tested had a satin finished stainless steel case, and the construction of the case was notably solid (and heavy). The price, though steeper than many of the other mufflers we have tested, is the equivalent of what we have paid to upgrade to stainless steel from other brands. Considering the level of media attention that Magnaflow products receive, we had nothing but high expectations for the brand. In all honesty, this is the first Magnaflow product that any of the F-150 Hub team members had used. Performance was as expected from a "straight through" muffler - a small loss of torque down low, with great acceleration characteristics at higher engine speeds.

Being a "packed" muffler, rather than a chambered one, the Magnaflow needed to be broken in. This can take several hundred to a few thousand miles of driving. To remain fair in giving our opinions on this product, the Magnaflow muffler received 3,000 miles of driving. Unfortunately, the Magnaflow muffler just didn't have what we were looking for. It lacks a deep, rich idle note. In fact, in our single muffler configuration, this was the quietest muffler tested. The only redeeming quality about this muffler is that it releases an aggressive, raspy note at WOT, but even with the tach pegged the muffler just doesn't have the volume we'd hoped for. That being said, if you prefer something mellow, this is an extremely high quality product with minimal interior sound. Additionally, the results would have likely been different in a dual outlet or true dual configuration.

This is a great product for anyone who needs to minimize interior sound to keep their sanity on long trips. The tone is distinct and pleasant, we only wish we could hear more of it. The raspy exhaust note while passing keeps you in the throttle a little longer than necessary, but it lacks the deep, rich lope at idle that chambered mufflers deliver.


Magnaflow Exhaust Clip for Ford F-150





Overall Rating



• OEM exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, 2.5" exhaust tubing Y pipe

• 2.5" single in/out Magnaflow stainless steel muffler

• 2.5" to 3" transition at muffler outlet

• 3" tubing to 4" tip, side exit in front of rear passenger tire


The Magnaflow receives an overall value of 3.5 stars because, although it was lackluster in sound characteristics, it was an impressively well made product. This is a perfect choice for someone who wants a mellow aftermarket muffler, but it lacked to fulfill our desires. In our exhaust clip, you may hear a slight cackle - our mic seemed to pick up a sound that our ears could not.