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Ford 6R80 Transmission

6R80 Specs & Ratios




The Ford 6R80 is based on on the ZF 6HP26 6 speed automatic transmission. Ford manufactures the transmission, under license from ZF, at the Livonia Transmission Plant in Livonia, Michigan. The 6R-80 is used in 2009 to present Ford F-150 pickups. It features torque converter lockup capabilities in all 6 gears and an integrated "Tow/Haul" mode for enhanced braking and towing performance. For the 2011 model year, the transmission was revised to provide smoother shifts, improved fuel economy, and overall better shift performance. Most notable of the improvements was the addition of a 1 way clutch that provided smoother 1-2 upshifts and 2-1 downshifts. The transmission has a relatively low 1st gear and two overdrive gears, the highest of which is 0.69:1. This provides exceptional towing performance when needed, while maximizing fuel economy by offering low engine speeds while cruising.

The 6R80 can be found behind the 3.7L V-6, all the way up to the 6.2L V-8. Ford has stated that while the transmission is used in multiple applications, each transmission is optimized and integrated differently depending on the engine it is mated to. The 6R80 features "Filled for Life" low viscosity, synthetic transmission fluid (Mercon LV), though a fluid flush is recommended at 150,000 miles if your truck falls under the classification of "Severe Duty" operation. The tranmission, as used in the Ford F-150, has a fluid capacity of 12.10 quarts and weighs 245 lbs.

Several TSBs (technical service bulletins) have been attached to the 6R-80, putting its reliability into question. Poor shift quality, unpredicable shifting, shuddering, and vibrations have all be reported with the transmission, though the incidents do not appear to be a widespread concern. There is a rumor that Ford's transmission plant received a batch of defective transmission components, leading to a select number of defective units leaving the assembly line.

• 6 - 6 Speed.
• R - Rear wheel drive.
• 80 - Ford Motor Co. strength designation, nominal max input torque or 800 N-M (590 lb-ft)*.


6R80 Transmission Ratios








4.17 : 1

2.34 : 1

1.52 : 1

1.14 : 1

0.86 : 1

0.69 : 1

3.40 : 1


* Regarding max input torque, there is some debate over whether the units are in lb-ft or N-M. Since the ZF 6HP26 is rated at 600 N-M max input torque (and Ford makes a 6R60 and 6R80 based on this design), we assume the rating is 800 N-M. Regardless, the figure is nominal and used to classify the transmission more than anything.